About The Company

More than 20 years and over 2,000 ‘Ultis’ out on the track so we must be doing something right!


Since November 2018, Eagle Outdoors Group has been the owner of Ultimate Campers.

Eagle Outdoors is an Australian Family owned camper specialist business, with branch in Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia. It owns and operates leading camper engineering brands: Bluewater Campers. As well as Outdoor Lifestyle and Protective wear textile brands: Didgeridoona’s, and CoverIT Manufacturing.


Before You Purchase

The perfect mix of weight, performance, clearance angles etc. means that wherever your 4WD vehicle can go, your off-road camper trailer from Ultimate Campers will follow. In fact, it is so well designed and engineered it could go places the tow vehicle couldn’t! Whatever iconic off-road adventure you care to mention our campers have been there, seen that, done that : The Simpson Desert, Cape York, Cape Arid, Canning Stock Route…..


An off-road camper trailer from Ultimate Campers is made for adventure. We have the most lightweight and aerodynamic off-road campers on the market in their class. It is as simple as that. Add to that superior suspension and loads of storage space and you get the picture. The number of campers we make every year is capped by our obsession with quality. We could make more but we choose not to. Quality is everything to us. Because of that our customers love their Ultis and rarely part with them, so when they do, the price is pretty high for a second hand camper. In many cases, more than they originally paid.


Once you get the hang of it after a only a handful of attempts we are talking 5 minutes. That’s you inside, sitting at your table with the kettle brewing, a chilled glass of wine or icy cold beer. 5 minutes. Check out our How to open an Ultimate off road camper trailer video.


Absolutely. It takes one person about 7 minutes to setup.


Our off-road campers have independent trailing arm suspension, with long travel coil springs and premium off road shock absorbers. If you see straps around the springs of other camper brands just know that they have inferior shocks and need those straps for when (not if) they break. You won’t find these straps on an Ultimate.


Considering that we have been around for over 20 years and selling off-road adventure vehicles that get coated in red dust and immersed in water on a daily basis you can take it that we design and build our campers with exactly that in mind! If we didn’t we wouldn’t still be here.


We love canvas. For a start it’s lightweight. Remember, the DNA of our off-road camper trailers is lightweight. That is one of our core concerns every and anytime we have a brainwave whether that is a new suspension component, fridge or LED light. Being lightweight is essential to great off-road performance. Notwithstanding weight, canvas is a super medium when it comes to keeping cool or being well ventilated due to the ability to zip down windows as required. Now try that in a heavy metal camper!


Have you been speaking to one of our heavy metal competitors? At least one of them always trots out this boring old chestnut when they run out of positive things to say about their own product. But hey, that’s life. The simple answer to the question is ‘No’. The cabin comes as standard with a dual ceiling (known as a Safari Roof), so when you pack your camper up the inner skin envelops the outer skin. The skin then sits over the galley and unlike a flip-over camper, the canvas sits nowhere near the bed. So even if you have to pack up in the rain, the wet outer skin surfaces are pressed together and then enveloped by the dry inner skin, thereby trapping the water in a waterproof cocoon. This water simply dissipates when you next open the camper.


You bet it is. So much so that those of our new Nautilus customers who are previous owners of Ultimates all opted for the same mattress type as before. We gave them an inner-spring option but all have selected the superior quality high-density foam mattress. Say no more.


Yes you do. With fitted sheets it will take literally a minute or two to have your genuine king-size bed made up. Pop the mattresses into position and throw out the doona and pillows and hey presto, the only king-size sleeping space on the market. It takes a lazy 5 minutes to set-up one of our campers and that includes the bed.


The XTRK and XPLOR models come with a king-size bed as standard. A lounge insert is also available as an option across the range. This converts the seated lounge area into a large single bed fitting one adult or two children comfortably. A spare room option is available with the XTRK and XPLOR models whilst this spare room is included in the XTRK Family Pack. How many will the spare room sleep? Well, that’s up to you. The spare room easily accommodates 2 x double-bunk stretcher beds suitable for adults or children or you could cover the floor with mattresses to fit the same amount of people.


Depending on the model our off-road campers trailers range between 900kg and 1500Kg whilst the corresponding downball weights are between 60Kg and 120Kg. Ultimates are the lightest off-road campers in their class today. Add the aerodynamic profile (face on, you rarely see the Ultimate behind the tow vehicle, check it out next time) to the lightweight and you’ve got arguably the most fuel-efficent and eco-friendly campers on the market.


Again, this comes back to the lightweight side of things. Our owners drive all types of tow vehicles – Subaru Forrester, Subaru Outback, Nissan Xtrail, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Range Rover, Land Rover, VW Touareg, Mitsubishi Triton, Mercedes, Hyundai, Suzuki and Kia. There’s more but we’re probably boring you and at this stage you get it!


Yes, they are. We even asked each team members mum.


On Your Adventure

Obviously when you collect your brand new camper from Ultimate Campers it will be beautifully shiny and pristine. It will have that ‘new car smell’ look about it if you know what we mean. We understand that you always want your baby to look that way but that just isn’t going to happen!

Travelling off-road will expose the sacrificial surfaces to wear and tear that may become obvious even after one or two trips. When we say ‘sacrificial’ we mean these are coverings that are designed to provide a first line of defence to the more important material underneath. They will get chipped and pitted as stones and gravel get thrown at them at high speeds. Our special black or grey rhino coating is one such sacrificial surface. It is designed to protect the fibreglass coating underneath from debris thrown up by the tow vehicle. Leading edges may suffer more marking. Either way, your rhino coating can be made as good as new when you bring your camper for a service (price advised at the time). Equally, our chassis is coated black for cosmetic purposes. The chassis is galvanised and therefore protected from rust. We paint it black simply to match the camper colour scheme. This surface can be re-painted during a service (price advised at the time).


Yes we do. We sell nationwide so we have warranty and service agents nationwide. In the unlikely event that you required warranty work to be carried out we would point you in the direction of at least one service agent in your state. This network is always being added to but only when we are happy that the agent is as committed to superior service and quality as we are.


Your Ultimate Camper number will be one of the number confirguations 000, 0000, P000, X000, E000 etc

This can be found written in weld (or marked on a small plate) on the chassis.

See Example Here


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