The Legend

If we’ve learnt one thing in our 25 plus years of product design and engineering excellence, “perfection takes time and the pursuit never ends”.



The Ultimate Difference

Australia is the most desolate country on earth. Harsh, yet stunningly beautiful and captivating.

So any camper we build and sell must withstand the harshest of conditions and match its stunning and captivating beauty in its design.

Our range of off-road camper trailers are the ultimate in design, durability and practicality and our team provides the ultimate in customer care before, during and after purchase.

Creature Comfort

Being an adventurer, doesn’t mean sacrificing creature comforts.  In fact, increasing clever creature comforts, ultimately means our customers get to experience much, much more of this harsh country for longer.

World Class Design & Engineering

Unquestionably, Ultimate designs and engineers the worlds best off-road campers. We know this because we use them, we live the adventure, we speak from experience. It is this experience and passion that separates us.


At Ultimate Campers we start with the KISS principle, as in ‘Keep it simple, stupid!’. We realised long ago that ‘simple’ is still best in terms of safe, reliable and cost-effective off-road travel. Our expert team of R&D professionals use the latest CAD systems to bring their ideas to life before we set about constructing the world’s best off-road campers using marine-grade composite materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Sleek, stylish, aerodynamic and light weight design minimises driving effort and fuel consumption leading to a lower carbon footprint.


A resin/fibre matrix is used to create the intricate curved shapes in the design resulting in an extremely strong and low maintenance composite that will serve you for decades.  The chassis design of the XTRKXPLORGT, XTERRAN, NEXUS and XSCAPE is a Y-frame, fabricated from high-tensile Duragal steel. We use long travel coil springs and premium off road shock absorbers.  The result is maximum strength and superior off-road performance.



The signature aerodynamic shape of Ultimate off-road camper trailers means that there is negligible damage from deflected stones. Low tare weights across the range of between 850kg and 960kg mean that greater payloads can be carried, fuel-efficiency can be maximised and you’ll have a safer cruising experience. Marine-grade stainless steel hardware and fasteners are used throughout the Ultimate Campers range. State-of-the-art automotive and marine seals ensure that your Ultimate off-road camper trailer remains dust proof and waterproof. All our off-road campers have great storage space for all your accessories.

Customer Care

Many companies in many industries talk about great service or know what they should be doing. They have brilliantly presented customer service statements and customer charters. But only some companies actually live it day in, day out.

At Ultimate Campers our team are genuinely passionate about providing a superior customer experience from the first time you call until well after you have bought your dream off-road camper trailer. So how do we prove it? Well, we are confident enough to say that next time you see an Ultimate out on the track, go talk to the owner. We’re pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We sell more products by word-of-mouth than any other means. And that’s something we are very proud of.

Your adventure begins with great service. That’s a promise.

This is Australia

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Australia is home to one of the oldest civilised cultures on earth.

The only true way to experience Australia is by immersing yourself in the landscapes and rich culture at the heart of this country. And the only way to get there is by vehicles and crafts that are BUILT AUSTRALIAN STRONG.

For nearly three decades, Ultimate owners have been at the forefront of exploring this ancient land, documenting and sharing their journeys with the rest of the world. This is just a small glimpse and tribute to their adventurous spirit.

Ultimate Xplor

Customise your camper trailer

What our clients say...

Mark Lane
March 8, 2022

The new show room is outstanding, very impressive which matches the service you receive ???? ????

Garry Blake
March 19, 2021

The factory where the Ultimate is manufactured. All the staff wonderful and welcoming. Loving our Xterran.

peter lewis
August 15, 2019

Great campers

Paul Ward
August 4, 2019

The venue was very nice

Andrew Border
June 13, 2019

Great place

Paula Stella
April 26, 2019

Fantastic service. Our camper is our little home away from home so pleased an happy with the repairs done after it got flooded. Jason, Grant an staff were so great to deal with and very friendly even through their business takeover challenges very impreesed guyz keep up the good work Paula an Maurie enjoying the great outdoors once again ????????????????????⛺*****

Troy Breglec
February 5, 2019

Having spent 10 weeks of our first year owning our Xplor GT living in our camper on numerous trips, we can honestly say the Ultimate is an awesome camper. We are a family of 4 and the king bed and lounge bed make it super comfortable. It’s easy to forget that it is trundling along behind you, it’s just a beautifully engineered machine.Love it.

Zhivan Wasinski
October 1, 2018

Awesome product that is so well designed and easy to use. Love that it is made in Australia using high quality materials. Andrew, John, Jenny, Nicky and Steve really looked after us. This camper really lives up to the hype, don't hesitate to buy one! Plus the community of owners is fantastic

Alpha Tango
August 25, 2018

Fantastic camper! Quality build. Great service. And a wonderful family of owners to communicate with and get ideas from.

Tim White
August 24, 2018

The most practical well thought out camper on the market period! Handles any terrain with ease and is a pleasure to watch in the rear view mirror. Plus it’s soooo light! And easy to tow! And don’t even get me started about how easy it is to set up and pack up! The name is a fact! Ultimate off-road campers are the Ultimate Camper! Second to none!

Simon Broomfield
August 24, 2018

Best light weight top quality Australian camper on the market....

Bruce M'Crystal
August 24, 2018

Bought our pre loved Ultimate from the factory a few months ago and we absolutely love it. The staff at Ultimate where extremely helpful and professional to deal with even supplying lunch for us.

Oliver Fullerton
August 24, 2018

Up there with the best products i have ever bought.

luke wilson
August 24, 2018

Love my ultimate camper, it has done 23,000km around Australia on a 6 month trip, 2 adults and a 2year old. Crossed the simpson, Cape York, Kimberlys, love it. Wouldn't have anything else.

from the moment we decided to order an Ultimate all the way through to its delivery, walk through and use Ultimate have been awesome to deal with. A top qaulity product that can go where ever you point your 4wd without any issue.

Barry J Pierce
July 18, 2018

Ultimate Offroad Camper, a brilliant camper so easy to use, tows like a dream and can be handled easily.

Ian Cameron
July 17, 2018

Have traveled this amazing country with our ultimate for the past 8 years an amazing camper could never wish for anything better.

fantastic Aussie business. building a world leading unique style camper trailer, all made in Australia, ideally suited to Australian conditions, these trailers have proven themselves time and again over many years. a dedicated fan base has grown because of the amazing service shown by the company, and the outstanding capabilities of their trailers. these guys really know what they are doing, and the quality of the trailer, the impeccable design and the passionate fan base is testamount to this great Australian company.

Cameron Ryder
October 29, 2017

Great customer service and super product

Carolyn Varney
June 26, 2017

Looking at campers, the showroom was good size to see the product, well appointed with lounge and tea/coffee which is needed as a visit takes some time. And very importantly, the sales person John was excellent with so much knowledge as a long time user if the product.

Natasha Waldron
July 20, 2016

Took delivery of a new Xterran recently and just completed a nice little 5000 jaunt through outback NSW and QLD. Recent rain guaranteed lots of mud , potholes and dodgy wash-outs. We are staggered at the offload ability and poise of our new Ultimate - Insanely great ! So easy to put up (maybe 7 minutes) and just as easy to break camp in the morning and get moving. Honestly have to say world class design and quality and if that weren't enough the follow up and service by the awesome staff at Ultimate is also amazing. If you are genuinely looking and thinking about an off road trailer then seriously consider the new Xterran - It sure isn't the cheapest but you can see and feel the build quality everywhere you look ! Massive fans - Highly recommend.

John Archibald
May 16, 2016

Been an Ultimate owner for over thirteen years!! The best of the best. Now in a Nautilus.

Peter Hooymans
May 16, 2016

Incredible service and amazing campers must seen to be believed - quality is off the charts and the features for the price leaves you feeling like you have scored a bargain. I have upgraded to an Xterran From a conqueror 330 and the towing difference is night and day the ultimate does not pitch and you hardly notice it is even there compared to the Conquror. The whole ultimate experience was to say the least magnificent. I arrived in the morning for my handover to be greeted by smiling faces and a coffee, followed by a tour of the factory and then a very thorough 3 hour setup and tips session that was invaluable. Then at lunchtime out come a huge platter of sandwiches and drinks while John (my hand over expert) explains just how incredible these campers are off road. A huge thanks to EMILY for the top notch service and keeping me up to date during the purchasing process and to John who is a very passionate Ultimate camper expert - on the whole a 5 star service experience backed up by an insanely high quality build all made locally in rural NSW - a huge credit to the Ultimate team for building world class bulletproof campers all made by Local Aussie labour and I must repeat again the quality of finish and the sealing, hinges, fitment of all components is faultless - bring on the Simpson and Canning ! Upon returning home to MELBOURNE my 7 year old son took one look inside and and out and after a long pause said " Dad, this camper trailer is fully Black Ops ! How long is it until school holidays " Sent from my iPad

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