Breathing new life into the Xterran Model.

Let the adventure begin! We are so excited to announce the rebirth of our beloved Xterran model. Get ready to explore the world with this trusty companion.
Nearly 10 years ago Ultimate Campers launched the Xterran. Tough, practical and durable. Now we relaunch this classic with more featutes and the wider body and track ready to tackle any terrain you want to drive
Big Red? No big deal. Cape York? Cake Walk. Old Telegraph Track? Old Hat.
Choose from a range of bright premium colours to customise your Xterran.

360 Degree Weather Protection.

Lifestyle Engineered for the tough Australian Conditions.

Textile Engineering

The use of textiles in built-form environments and industrial design is a highly specialised craft.

Ultimate Campers Australia is now a division of Eagle Outdoors Group who has been a specialist textiles engineering and manufacturing business for over 45 years.

Through collaboration with Eagles Outdoors over the last 18 months, Ultimate has been able to bring forward and realise a number of innovations in tent design functionality, including the 360 degree awning design.

Premium Australian Canvas

Innovative tent design first starts with quality textiles. For over 25 years, Ultimate has only used Premium Australian outdoor and industrial fabrics from Wax Converters Textiles Australia (WCT).

Ultimate and WCT have shared value for quality, ingenuity and innovation. Both are proudly Australian and commenced operations at similar times in the 1990’s. They proudly manufacture their fabrics at their Hunter Valley based state-of-the–art production facility. With accreditations to World’s Best Practice Program, their mill is recognised by great performance in terms of quality controlled environments and procedures – not to mention the latest in production machinery technology and capabilities.

Built to Last

Designed and Engineered in Australia and custom sewn in our proprietary Textile Engineering and Manufacturing facility in Fiji

GT 360 Tent diagram

Amazing Features

The Xterran comes with next level standard inclusions
Premium Australian Manufactured Canvas – Black Tent
Ultimate only uses Premium Grade Australian Canvas and hi-tech fabrics for the best protection from all the elements. The Xterran comes with a distinctive black tent, suiting the style of the revised model.


Air Bag Suspension

For the smoothest ride on the roughest roads, the Xterran is fitted with air bag suspension, 12 inch drum brake upgrade and a GVM upgrade to 1990kg.

Wide Body Kit – including Track Change

The Xterran has a wider body, fitted with flared guards for wider wheels and tyres making the model more capable off-road.

Retro Premium Colour

Now choose from Yellow, Tangerine/Orange, Red and more, these retro premium colours will set your Xterran apart from the rest!

Heavy Duty Lid Hinge

This heavy duty lid hinge upgrade will increase the rating to 120kg, allowing you to keep what you have stored on there in place.

Roof Tracks
Now you can take anything with you, the Rhino Roof tracks allow you to fit roof racks or other compatible storage systems on the lid of your Xterran.

Xterran Full Specifications

*Suppliers and Specifications Subject to change without notice. Please contact your Ultimate Camper Specialists for confirmation

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