ATM UPgrade

An Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) upgrade to a maximum of 1500kgs may be possible on an Ultimate Off-Road Camper trailer that was manufactured prior to December 2020. These earlier models had varying ATMs based a number of factors. Current model camper trailers (ones which were manufactured after December 2020) have a consistent ATM based on the suspension components and the variations to the chassis which allowed this.

Prior to submitting an ATM upgrade request, you should check/confirm the requirements and process for an ATM upgrade as stipulated by the registration authority for the State/Territory in which your camper trailer is registered. Ensure your camper is in a road worthy condition as some states require an inspection report as part of the process.

Process for an ATM upgrade:

  1. Provide the photos listed below and complete the payment step ($275 including GST).
  2. We will send you an email confirming maximum ATM achievable, the revised Vehicle Plate details and supporting letter for you to approve (If for some reason we are not able to approve an ATM increase we will refund the amount charged)
  3. Once we have received your approval, we will send the new Vehicle Plate to your nominated delivery address.
  4. Follow the process required by your state’s registration authority.

Note: It may take up to 4 weeks from when we receive your ATM upgrade request to when you receive the new Vehicle Plate

ATM Upgrade Increase Limits

With both Cruisemaster (>~2013) and Sugarglider (<~2013) Suspension with 10” Drum brakes it is possible to have the ATM upgraded to a maximum of 1500kgs (GTM 1400kgs).

Please note that this procedure is a review of the camper trailer that gives Ultimate Off-Road Campers, as the Manufacturer, the assurance that the camper trailer meets all the requirements for an ATM upgrade. Each state/territory registration authority will have ATM upgrade requirements of their own and Ultimate Off-Road Campers does not guarantee that the issue of ATM upgrade letter and Vehicle Plate will satisfy all the requirements for an ATM upgrade. Prior to submitting a ATM upgrade request it is recommended that you check and fully understand the ATM upgrade process and requirements with the relevant registration authority as no refunds will be offered.

Note regarding tare weight on Vehicle Plate:

Due to the fact that owners can and do add accessories to their camper trailers Ultimate Off-Road Campers cannot verify the accuracy of the tare weight shown on any camper trailer Vehicle Plate once it leaves the factory.

If as part of the ATM upgrade process you also want the value of the tare weight shown on the Vehicle Plate changed you will need to provide a weigh bridge certificate showing the current tare weight.

For an Ultimate camper trailer the tare is the weight of the camper trailer when it is completely empty, but ready for use. It includes all standard fixtures and fittings, plus additional accessories that were fitted when, or since, it was manufactured (examples of additional accessories include  bicycle racks, roof racks, fixed solar panels, fixed HWS, fixed heating/cooling system, extra gas bottles/batteries, extra fresh water tank, grey water tank, etc.) All fresh water tanks, grey water tanks, hot water service tank and gas bottles must be empty.

Note regarding tyre size on Vehicle Plate:

The Vehicle Plate will be updated to match the tyres on the camper currently unless
there is an issue with the tyre shown.

Our understanding of the process for each State (let us know if you have an update on below).

VIC        Customer to Fit new Vehicle Plate, then arrange Inspection at a VIC Roads branch.
NSW      Customer to Fit new Vehicle Plate, organise a Blue Slip, then take the Trailer to a Service NSW centre.
ACT       Customer to Fit new Vehicle Plate, then organise a Roadworthy Inspection at “Access Canberra Inspection Station 29 Couranga Crescent, Hume ACT
QLD       Customer to Fit new Vehicle Plate, complete QLD Transport Form F3524 CFD Change of Vehicle Particulars  and present it, together with Ultimate’s letter and a photo of the new Vehicle plate to QLD Transport. There is no charge and no inspection
of the camper is required.
NT          TBC
WA         TBC
SA          TBC

Any questions, please email [email protected].

Please complete the below form entirely as any missed information will result in a slower process

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ATM Upgrade


(as written on rego paperwork)

(000, 0000, P000, X000, E000 etc) This can be found written in weld (or marked on a small plate) on the chassis See Example Here

Clearly showing any markings: tyre size, tyre speed and load rating, wheel load rating and/or manufacturer and model if known (or specifically what it's off if it's a vehicle OEM wheel).

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ATM Upgrade

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