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More than twenty-five years of experience listening to our customers, fine-tuning our campers, experimenting and innovating has led us to the brand new Ultimate Nexus. We’ve raised the bar once more with this flagship camper. It has everything you have come to expect from Ultimate Off-Road Campers.
Research, Design and Engineering is in our DNA at Ultimate. So much so, we’ve established a new Research and Innovation division called ULTLAB. ULTLAB’s first project was to create a limited edition US Export NEXUS to be showcased at Overland Expo East 2020 in ARRINGTON, VIRGINIA in October 2020.
Light weight and nimble yet extremely durable, aerodynamic contours leading to a more fuel-efficient adventure, surprisingly spacious and incredibly comfortable.
The extensive list of standard inclusions and new features includes a leather lounge, memory foam mattress, dual lithium batteries, Redarc solar panel, 18″ alloy wheels and so much more.
Ultimate Nexus 360

360 Degree Weather Protection.

Lifestyle Engineered for the tough Australian Conditions.

Textile Engineering

The use of textiles in built-form environments and industrial design is a highly specialised craft.

Ultimate Campers Australia is now a division of Eagle Outdoors Group who has been a specialist textiles engineering and manufacturing business for over 45 years.

Through collaboration with Eagles Outdoors over the last 18 months, Ultimate has been able to bring forward and realise a number of innovations in tent design functionality, including the 360 degree awning design.

Premium Australian Canvas

Innovative tent design first starts with quality textiles. For over 25 years, Ultimate has only used Premium Australian outdoor and industrial fabrics from Wax Converters Textiles Australia (WCT).

Ultimate and WCT have shared value for quality, ingenuity and innovation. Both are proudly Australian and commenced operations at similar times in the 1990’s. They proudly manufacture their fabrics at their Hunter Valley based state-of-the–art production facility. With accreditations to World’s Best Practice Program, their mill is recognised by great performance in terms of quality controlled environments and procedures – not to mention the latest in production machinery technology and capabilities.

Built to Last

Designed and Engineered in Australia and custom sewn in our proprietary Textile Engineering and Manufacturing facility in Fiji

GT 360 Tent diagram

Amazing Features

The Nexus comes with next level standard inclusions

King Sized Dunlop Memory Foam Mattress

Made of Viscoflex, Memory foam is silky soft and known for its unique ability to conform to the body. It works by naturally warming to the body and helps relieve pressure points. This product contains the antimicrobial treatment Ultra-Fresh.

Premium Warwick Leather Lounge

For countless centuries, mankind has used and appreciated leather for its comfort, aesthetics and its durability amid the rigours of everyday life. Today’s furniture designers are demanding even more from leather to satisfy their desires of a style, comfort and quality conscious customer.

Carbon Fibre Bench Top and Table

When it comes to making items with immense strength while being incredibly light, carbon fibre is right up there. When carbon fibre is added to polymer to create carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) it has up to 10 times the strength of steel, is twice as stiff, while being just a one-seventh of the weight.

RedArc 1000w Inverter

REDARC’s 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter makes it possible to plug in anywhere in Australia and get the type of 240V power you get at home.
Using a Pure Sine Wave output, the 1000W inverter will ensure appliances run smoothly and efficiently, producing less heat and noise.  Now slimmer and lighter, the REDARC 1000W inverter has a wider input voltage in both 12V and 24V models, and works comfortably even in Australia’s harsh conditions.
Run the same devices as the 700W model plus coffee machines and power tools with a 1000W REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Fusion (by Garmin) Apollo Marine Entertainment System With Built-In Wi-Fi

The world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with Apple AirPlay 2 and built-in Wi-Fi, the Apollo RA770 has redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design including Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing, enhanced PartyBus-Network capabilities, over-the-air software updates, a one-piece glass display and more source options than ever before, including advanced SiriusXM features. From the kick drum to the eardrum, Apollo has made it inherently simple to customize your audio entertainment for superior sound quality in any area of your camper.

Stainless Steel BBQ Shelf

For all your outdoor cooking needs, the stainless steel BBQ shelf addition is perfect for your small BBQ, Webber or induction hub.

Nexus Full Specifications

*Suppliers and Specifications Subject to change without notice. Please contact your Ultimate Camper Specialists for confirmation

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