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Hello to all you Ultimate owners and lovers out there, we just thought with all the questions running around about what is happening it was time for an update from us!

After buying the iconic Ultimate Off-Road Campers brand over 9 months ago we had a few decisions to make about which way to go – develop and introduce a completely new model, resurrect the Nautilus or refine the already proven XPLOR-based design.

As much as we would have loved to bring something completely new to the market, after sitting down with the Ultimate team and brainstorming the current XPLOR model it became evident that there was still lots of room for improvement. With the pressure of getting the business back up and running it made sense to focus on refining a great product into something truly deserving of the name “Ultimate”.

One of the key features of the Ultimate Off-Road Campers range is the ease of set up and how the awnings and outside kitchen mount to the body so it can be set up on just about any terrain. It was important that both the speed of set up and body mounting remained. We wanted the outside kitchen area to be larger and more integrated, improve the time it took to set up the bed, update the tent for increased window and awning area, faster and large annex that is easier to set up giving more options for families.

Changes that have already been implemented or are imminent:

  1. Increased the Jockey wheel upward travel by 150mm (reduce the use of wood blocks on uneven ground) and moved it to the passenger side (help offset the driver side support leg).
  2. Thetford 3-Burner Stove: Along with a gas shut off when closing the glass lid, the main burner is nearly twice as hot as what we were using. We like the quality components and how easy it is to clean.
  3. Updated Isotherm 130L Fridge. (Up from 110L)
  4. Updated Hot Water and Heater Combi 4E: Much more efficient on gas, 30% lighter, 50% faster hot water heat up, 100% more heater power…and best of all has a 240v option, no more paying for gas if you are on a powered site.
  5. Gas Upgrade option to have 9kg and 4kg bottle together in the gas locker.
  6. New gas outlet for the outside BBQ (Save opening the gas locker to connect the gas)
  7. Twin gas bottle hose tails for easy switch over when gas runs out.
  8. Updated wider and deeper outside kitchen BBQ bench.
  9. Updated lounge layout, with better clearance for folding.
  10. New Ezi-Fold Bed: Folds down onto lounge in seconds with sheets and doona still in place.
  11. Optional gel-cooled memory foam or pocket spring king size mattress upgrades.
  12. Bows bases and cables have been moved inwards to give more room to pack up the canvas.
  13. Internal bows and spreaders bars lengths are now all same size.
  14. Updated galley shelf that folds up and locks, no need to remove cables.
  15. New swing-around height-adjustable inside table, can swing around to extend the bench or forward so you can pack up the bed and close the camper with the table in place. No more centre leg in the way or need to pack it away.
  16. Insert cushion that converts the lounge to a bed now includes a hard base as the table is no longer required for the bed.
  17. 100 Litre additional water with stone guard, via twin 50 litre tanks can be all grey water or all drinking water or one of both. 
  18. All annex poles are now aluminium twist lock, no more galvanised poles.
  19. Updated base radio with optional colour touch screen Fusion 770 4-channel radio, Wifi with optional external speakers.
  20. Optional Mains water connection.
  21. Optional Truma Saphir RC air conditioner.
  22. Added USB points to bed lights.
  23. New paint and sticker scheme for each model.
  24. 240v circuit breaker increased to 15A.
  25. Optional 240v external outlet.
  26. New rope track mounted system with one-piece transition strip (360 only).
  27. Galley bow now has gas strut to assist with setting up (360 only).
  28. Spreader bars are now attached to the bows one end for fast setup (360 only).
  29. Spreader bars have a short person helper extension on galley side (360 only).
  30. 100mm more tent height (360 only).
  31. Spar poles have own storage tube in the front boot, no longer behind the lounge (360 only)
  32. 50% more window area therefore greater outdoor view and feel (360 only).
  33. New square doorway (360 only).
  34. Integrated door flyscreen (360 only).
  35. Integrated clear windows on Galley end and lounge wall (360 only).
  36. New internal pockets (360 only).
  37. New 360-degree easy awning 22 sqm (360 only).
  38. New safari anti-flap design with increased height (50mm) and silver mica coating.
  39. New breakfast bar opening (360 only).
  40. Rope track mounted tent not Velcro (360 only).
  41. New Ensuite option (360 only).
  42. New wraparound easy extension (360 only).
  43. New annex configuration with additional kids’ room (360 only).

And below are some changes in development over the next few months:

  1. New narrower shelf option can be used as second higher shelf or bed end shelf.
  2. Improved electric opening to carry more weight with new offset cam for easier open and close.
  3. Upgraded stainless steel lid hinges, catches and pole mounts.
  4. Upgraded lid to carry more weight (150kg), heavier hinges and all stronger mounting bolts.
  5. Upgraded lid cables with plastic covering.
  6. Lid roof rails are now through bolted to carry more load.
  7. New flat rack option for firewood, boats, extra gear etc.
  8. New tougher stone guard paint (Rhino) on body and chassis (Raptor was prone to chipping).

Please note, that some of the above tweaks to the campers will be retrofittable, but not all. We will advise in due course which ones are and the pricing associated with them.

Rest assured we will continue to develop the product and range into 2020 with numerous other projects on our radar. We have great plans to grow the brand and have invested over $1M into the business so far adding some exciting new manufacturing abilities into the company with more to come.

On another note, we (Bronwyn and I) have recently just came back from the USA, working on the release of Ultimate Off-Road Campers into the USA to help grow the brand internationally as we have had many enquiries from USA customers wanting the Ultimate Off-Road Campers product.

We have a fantastic team in Moruya and we love the passion and commitment they all have, and none of what we are doing would be possible without this wonderful bunch.

We celebrate this year’s quarter-century milestone of everything the Ultimate brand has become, and we are 100% committed to seeing Ultimate Off-Road Campers running successfully and leading the way in the camper market for the next 25 years to come.

Kind regards

David and Bronwyn

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